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Moscow in 2012
Moscow in 2012.

Moscow is the capital of the world’s largest country. It is situated in Western Russia.
It is a city full of contrasts, both dark and bright, ancient and modern. The Moscúpoorest rub shoulders with Russian millionaires. With about 11 million inhabitants, it is the most populated metropolis in Europe. Moscow is Russia’s cultural, economic and political centre, and the city where Russia’s elite choose to live. It is situated on the banks of the Moscova River.
The city takes its name from the river itself. The origin of the name is unknown, although there are a number of theories (according to one, it comes from an ancient Finish language and symbolizes something dark).  The city boasts a large number of monuments of great cultural value. Moscow’s most emblematic landmarks are the Kremlin and Red Square (Red meaning Beautiful in ancient Russian), along with St Basil Cathedral, one of its most prominent and famous churches.
El Kremlin de MoscúThe Kremlin encompasses a group of buildings located on the left bank of the Moscova River.  It covers an area of 28 hectares and includes the Grand Princes’ palaces, churches and administrative buildings.  
Moscow has a long and rich history and the last decades have seen rapid and fundamental changes, closely linked to the drastic changes that the Russian political system has undergone.


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